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Cords&Wires Business Account

Business Accounts
Our store software is prepare to registar Business Accounts. Please create an account as a regular customer and in order to complete the creation of your account, send us an e-mail to info@cordsandwires.eu with your VAT Number.
What is VAT Number
In accordance with European standards governing purchases made within the EU, you can buy products on the www.cordsandwires.eu site without having to pay VAT if you have an EU VAT number. The EU VAT number constitutes authorisation from the Revenue and Customs office, allowing you to make purchases without having to pay VAT.

How do I obtain an EU Vat number

EU VAT numbers are issued by any Revenue and Customs office. To obtain an EU VAT number, you must contact your Revenue and Customs office. This number is also printed on VAT declarations sent to companies. N.B. if you do not have an EU VAT number, 23% VAT will be added to your order.
How can I find out if I have a EU Vat number
You can check and find more information about your EU VAT number on the following website: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en